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Meet the Team #5- Chloe Renualt

Would you care to introduce yourself?

I am Chloe a qualified counsellor and registered member of the BACP. I also work part time as an administrative assistant and volunteer with a National Bereavement charity.

Are there any areas or client types you particularly work with or enjoying working with?

I work with all different client types but mostly work with loss and bereavement. Loss can encompass so many things and so I find it comes into a lot of my sessions even when it is not the presenting issue. I enjoy working with everyone, it's always special to be trusted with people’s stories.

Why or what made you want to be a counsellor?

I decided to become a counsellor for a multitude of reasons, but the ultimate reason was because I wanted to be of service to people and help them in their time of need. Since being in practice it has been a privilege to be invited into people’s stories, to see the changes that take place, and I am reminded again and again of why I love being a counsellor.

Why the Person Centred Approach?

I fully believe in the person being the expert on themselves and being able to help themselves through anything, maybe with a little support from a counsellor but they have it in them to change. I think sometimes people don’t believe in themselves enough and are looking for quick fixes by an expert, however I think the best growth comes from the person doing it for themselves.

What has shaped your therapeutic practice the most?

It may sound cliché but I think it would have to be finding myself. During my training I experienced a lot of change in my life, some good, some not so good and I found myself looking inwards and trying to understand myself, who I was, what I wanted. Having my own counselling at this time and on and off since has helped me to discover these things and continue to grow, personally and professionally.

How do you look after your mental health?

For me journalling is a great tool, I use it every time I have things on my mind as I find it really helps to get it out of my head and onto the page. If, however I find it isn’t working so well, my next point of call is having my own counselling as I find it helps me to think of things I wouldn’t be able to on my own. I love to read, and I find sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea is a great way to relax.

What does successful therapy look like?

It depends on the person and what they are coming to counselling for, I would say. It has to work for the client and this starts with the relationship between client and counsellor. If they are comfortable with the counsellor and able to share and feel safe doing so then the work can begin. Success looks different to us all so I would say successful counselling would be when that particular client has found the counselling helpful to them.

What is your superpower?

Organization! This includes keeping things tidy, planning ahead and having specific places for items to live :D (And yes, I love The Home Edit!)

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