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Supporting Couples

Life is hard, relationships are who we share life with. We work with many couples who are struggling with all kinds of issues; communication, stress, infidelity, parenting or child loss, family issues or problems in their sex life.

At The Empathy Project, we never take "sides". We're here to support both individuals as well as the relationship itself, and to make time and space for everyone to talk more openly, and also to listen.

Couples Therapy

Our Approach

We work with a lot of different couples, with all kinds of different issues. Sometimes a pair might be seeking mutual support for something difficult that has happened, such as family conflict, trying to start a family, or bereavement.

In other times, couples have fallen out and are trying to navigate their way back to each other. Life can be hard, and relationships take work from both sides. This can become really hard as life changes, with work pressures, financial issues, having kids, and ageing all taking a toll.

Fights always happen at some point in a relationship. But these fights might sometimes feel imbalanced, or like they always escalate with no resolution or compromise in sight. Our therapists are human beings, with our own life experiences, so trust us when we say we get it.

Often when a couple enters therapy, it's the idea of one person rather than both. The other person might feel resentful about coming to counselling, or fear that sessions would be used to call them out or criticise them, with the therapist as judge, jury and executioner. That couldn't be further from the case in how we work.


We have a unique approach as Person-Centred relationship counsellors where, instead of judgements or telling couples what to do, we aim to provide a safe working space where you can both talk openly and freely, with the therapist there to guide and to make sure both people get equal time to talk and to be heard.

We also understand that relationships sometimes come to an end. We're not here to try and "save" the relationship, we're here to make space for very hurt people to talk, resolve issues and find closure. That sometimes includes navigating separation, divorce and transitioning to co-parenting.

Distanced Couple

Confidentiality & Safeguarding

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