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Supporting Families

Families should be all about love and support, but for many of us we can sometimes come into conflict with each other, or perhaps we go through difficult events together.

Family therapy is where two or more family members decide to come together to try and work through whatever is going on. Your therapist supports you by providing a safe space where you can talk, process your feelings, and listen to each other.


Our therapists never judge or take sides. We're here to help you help each other.


Our Approach

Family life can be hard, and not all families are the same. All kinds of different things can come up, and some of them can be really complicated and hard.

At The Empathy Project, we offer therapy to families experiencing issues and wanting to try and resolve them. Some examples include navigating adoption, divorce, bereavement, estrangement or having conflict.

The most important thing is communication, and communication works both ways. Our therapists seek to support your family in learning how to open up and talk about how you really feel, but also help you learn how to really listen to each other.


We have an empathy-based, Person-Centred approach where we encourage each person to work out want they really want to say to the other. Often this might feel scary, because we all fear rejection, criticism or being shut down. But by finding our courage to really talk, we can get deeply-held feelings out into the open, and start a dialogue that leads to finding a resolution.

Family therapy can often be emotional, and our therapists are never here to take sides. We're not here to judge, rather we're here to support you unconditionally. Often people in family therapy find it useful to have their own individual counselling too, and you can speak to us to find out what might work best for you.

Family Portrait

Confidentiality & Safeguarding

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