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International Day of Being You 2024

International day of being you

There seems to be a national or international day for just about anything and everything. So you might be more familiar with, for example, mental health awareness week, which took place in May this year. World Mental Health Day on October 10th, International Women's Day, March 8th or  Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day which will be on Thursday, December 7th this year.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this weekend, June 22nd is 'International Being You Day'. 

A day dedicated to celebrating you, your accomplishments, achievements to focus on parts of yourself which you champion, is it your ability to be kind and thoughtful? or maybe a chance to spend the day not highlighting your flaws to practice self-love and self-care? I decided to ask the team at The Empathy Project 'How will you be celebrating yourself this weekend?'

Charlotte Parker (Counselling Director) answered, 'It will depend on how I feel on the day, some days I wake up and feel tired, my mind and body telling me that I need to recharge and relax. On other days, I can experience feelings of excitement, like the day has endless possibilities. On those days, I like to be active and get space away from the house. I will use this day as an opportunity to think about what makes me unique and wholeheartedly accept the aspects of myself that I love and value.

Be yourself

Charlie (Practice Director) says: 'I will follow my intuition and what feels right for me on the day. It often depends on the weather. If it is nice a cup of tea while I stand barefoot on some grass listening to the birds sing, maybe a trip to the beach to paddle in the sea. If the weather is not so good or I am not feeling called to be outside, I will probably curl up with a book or cook a really beautiful hearty and healthy meal. Whatever happens it will involve lots of cuddles and kisses with my cat.'

For Tom (Manging Director) 'I hope to use the day for self care and a much needed recharge doing the things I love. It's been a very busy few weeks for me travelling to see family, so I'm looking forward to being in the comfort of my own home. It will be a weekend of making good food, walking my dog and geeking out on the hobbies I love.'

Many people all over the world might be embraces the idea of spending the whole day giving gratitude towards themselves but for other people this might not come so easily. Having certain beliefs which impacts their confidence and causes low-self esteem. The more we befriend the negative messages we tell ourselves 'I should be working harder, I dont like my appearance, I'm not a good person' the likely we are to believe this internal voice.

Not everybody finds it easy to practice self-love, or feel trapped by the negative self-image that been created. If this is something you wish to explore and think counselling might be useful, please feel free to complete the 'Refer Yourself' section or alternatively call or email.

We hope you enjoy 'International Day of Being You'.

The Empathy Project 

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