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Dementia, Love, Loss and Counselling

Dementia is a horrible illness, affecting over 70,000 families in the UK. Unlike many other medical conditions, the impact it can have on us and the people around us can be incredibly painful.

We saw this lovely post by Rachael Wonderlin today, shared by a friend who is going through this right now. We thought we'd pass it on for any of our readers who might have been affected by Dementia or have experienced bereavement.

Dementia counselling Southampton

If you or your loved ones have - or are - going through this - Southampton Counselling Practice can support you both individually and as a family as you process living with critical illness and loss. We also provide counselling to those who have been diagnosed with Dementia and may be either trying to come to terms with diagnosis, or those who are already experiencing symptoms.

We're also trained to offer something known as "pre-therapy", where we focus on meeting our client in their frame of reference, even if their faculties are becoming impaired. This can help relieve anxieties and provide a pathway for people to still talk about their feelings, in a calm, safe and relaxed environment.

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