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Roz Whitehead MBACP

Counsellor & Psycotherapist 

Session Types

Individual (Adults), Face to Face


Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

Counselling Approach



Addiction & Recovery, Abuse, Relationship difficulties, loss of purpose, life changes

Counselling with Roz

If you're considering counselling, it's likely that you’re finding life difficult. 


Maybe you're going through loss or change or perhaps you’d like your life to be different but you’re feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward.  It may be that you’ve experienced painful and traumatic experiences recently or in the past and challenging feelings are coming up that you’re not sure how to deal with.

Counselling gives you time to focus on yourself and reflect on your life and is a space where you’re free to express how you feel, however that is, without fear of judgement or worry about burdening others in your life.

I am trained to help you work through the issues that matter to you and to support you to find your own ways forward. I won’t tell you what to do but can be there to support you to explore and increase your awareness around how you feel, think, behave, and relate to others.


Often, we become stuck in patterns that are unhelpful or in relationships or situations that are painful and un-fulfilling. Awareness increases our power to choose what’s right for us.  Counselling can support you in discovering more about who you are and how you will choose to lead your own unique life.

A Bit About Me

I am down to earth and direct; I’m not a blank screen and we won’t sit in silence!  I offer a warm and collaborative approach and will engage with you in a natural and relaxed way.  I am passionate about supporting people to uncover their own unique path and am endlessly inspired by human beings’ ability to overcome obstacles, to move through pain and to lead fulfilling lives. 

I work with all aspects of the self and of your life including mind, body, feelings, imagination and creativity and the aspect of the self that some people call spirit or soul – the sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves. 

I am a fully qualified therapist having completed my core training in Psychosynthesis in 2006.  I have worked supporting people through struggle and change for over 30 years, in charities and in private practice.   I work therapeutically with adults and as a supervisor to other therapists and practitioners. 

I work with honesty and integrity and my commitment to equality and social justice is underpins my practice. 

I would really value the opportunity to work with you and hope that reaching out for support, although it can feel scary, will be the start of a rewarding and useful journey for you.


  • Addiction and Recovery

  • Abuse of all sorts – current or past.

  • Relationship difficulties  

  • Loss or lack of a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Life changes such as menopause, redundancy, becoming a parent or “empty nest.”

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