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Meet the Team #4

Would you care to introduce yourself?

I am Adina, I am from Romania. I trained in Integrative counselling in Romania. I also have a degree and Masters in psychology and psychotherapy. I work in private practice and as an associate for some Employee Assistance Program and receive referrals from other therapists in private practice.

Are there any areas or client types you particularly work with or enjoying working with?

I like to work with, trauma and childhood trauma. Part of that is because I had to go through my own journey around that. I also work with Anxiety, mild depression, and overcoming obstacles- I am really good at that. I can spot what is going on and work with it until there is no longer an obstacle. Overcoming issues and obstacles is something am really passion about working with and I really enjoy it. I really enjoy short term therapy and that feels like something I am really good at. tI do long term too. One thing that needs teasing apart and working through the root cause is something I really enjoy and feels really me. That work really chimes with me as a therapist. Another therapist once said that I am more like a Coach therapist rather than a classical therapist. But I am still learning and developing as a therapist and I a person but this where I am currently.

Why or what made you want to be a counsellor?

I decided to be a therapist in high school. I went to counselling in high school and I loved it and what it did for me. I wanted to know more and I decided to train. I remember thinking: ‘If counselling helped me so much, imagine how much it could help others!’. That was 10 years ago and I haven’t really looked back since.

Why the Integrative Approach?

I cannot fit in one box. I love using different approaches and to be able to adapt my approach and tools to what the client needs. That journey of finding that thing for that client that really works and really helps I really love. As you get to know the client and they share things with you, having a variety of tools allows me to adapt the way I work to allow my clients to get the most out of the therapy as possible. Also, with the philosophy if the Integrative Approach of alchemising and blending together different things to fit the client’s needs in line with the work they are doing reflects the ideas that our clients are trying to integrate things for themselves. Be they things, experiences, or feelings, they are trying to bring these parts of themselves into themselves, to be able to bring the parts of yourself you have rejected or left behind back home.

What has shaped your therapeutic practice the most?

My own process. My own enquiry, it was and is a deep enquiry about what should life look like. I didn’t want to be in emotional pain anymore and I took every path that worked and this has shaped me and my practice. That really informs my practice and my understanding of my clients’ process.

How do you look after your mental health?

I have a few routines to support my mental health, so sticking to them is important. There are times when they slip and that is ok, but coming back to them is the important thing. I also have a nest of support around me so I know where to go when I need help, these includes my personal therapists, friends and peers. During my own journey I learnt the importance of having a nest to fall into and feel safe supported within. Building that nest for myself was a really important part of that journey. I had to create that support because as a more introverted person making friends and creating that helps and support does not come naturally. But during training and I realized how important it was to be supported in my work as well. During training my peer support was amazing, and when training ended it was really hard to be without that support, and so I had to create that support team for myself and once I had done that then felt able to start becoming a therapist full time.

What does successful therapy look like?

It is more of a feeling than a knowing. I feel like when I have connected at a deep level with the client and they have got it, there is a clarity, everything has cracked open. It is intuitively felt rather than intellectually known. I follow my intuition a lot in my work and I trust and go with it, and when I do something really amazing happens. I have worked hard to listen to my intuition, it is my internal compass, my intuition and internal compass will not work for anyone else and what I hope to do in therapy is to allow people to connect with and trust their internal compass.

What is your superpower?

I believe in a superior or higher part of us, we all have that higher part. When I am connected to that part of me magic happens. If you asked me afterwards how I did it, I wouldn’t know because it wasn’t a mental, cognitive thing it was felt and created. Also my passion- I am really passionate about what I do and I love talking about my work.

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