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Support for Therapists

Southampton Counselling Practice was formed as an alliance between a small group of private practice counsellors.


By sharing our resources and working together, we retain all the benefits of being self-employed whilst also being part of a strong, supportive team.

We're always looking for new therapists to join our team, be you new to "PP" or having already worked on your own.

We also provide a range of additional services to non-members, including CPD workshops and private practice coaching.

Child Counselor

Helping the Helpers

Many in our profession know that being a counsellor is a unique and rewarding vocation. However, it also has it's challenges. We seek to hold the emotions of our clients, and this can sometimes be hard for us to manage.

More than that, despite mental health awareness being at an all-time high, the demand on services today is overwhelming, and many service providers are struggling to cope. A lack of secure, long-term funding means that therapists working on organisations are often over-stretched, facing poor pay and conditions, despite their years of hard work and training.

We don't think that's right, and that's why we seek to provide an alternative pathway for counsellors to work on their terms. Private practice can feel scary and lonely; you have the responsibilities of running your own business, advertising for clients, and no real team to support you or catch up over a coffee with.

Southampton Counselling Practice seeks to bridge that gap by giving our therapists the best of both worlds. Each one of us is self-employed and fully independent. We're in full control of when we work, our clinical approach, and the fees we set. At the same time, we're a fun, creative team that helps each other, sharing our resources together, and our therapy room in Southampton's Ocean Village.

Our therapists are free to work however they like, offering whatever services they choose, be this in person or online. We all contribute by paying a small fee for room use, and this covers the cost of our facility, website and advertising.

We're always looking to recruit the right people, as well as other allied professionals such as independent educational or clinical psychologists, nutritionists and other qualified colleagues.


Would you like to join us?

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