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Therapy with a difference

At Southampton Counselling Practice, we're passionate about delivering high-quality, accessible therapy - to everyone. Our counsellors are typically trained to a higher standard than the NHS, and we offer more in-depth talk therapy. You get to choose the right therapist for you, and you can have as many sessions as you want with them. No waiting lists, no referrals needed.

Therapy Session

About Southampton Counselling Practice

Life can be hard, and 1 in 4 people in the UK will struggle with their mental health this year.

We believe those people deserve help. As a society, mental health awareness is greater than ever before, but the demand on the NHS and statutory services is extreme. In Southampton, a young person needing support will have to wait for two years to be seen by NHS CAMHS. Many adults go to their GPs and are referred antidepressants without access to emotional support.

Where people do access counselling, they likely receive a very limited number of sessions, often CBT-based. This works for some people, but for many, they need more. We believe that the client should always be in control of their therapy; able to choose who their counsellor is, how many sessions they have, on a flexible basis that fits around their life. We seek to empower those we work with, and create lasting, positive change and growth.

Southampton Counselling Practice was formed with a mission to do things better, and bring accessible therapy to all. All of our therapists are highly-qualified, highly-experienced professionals regulated by an Accredited Professional Body, such as the BACP. We follow strict ethical frameworks which ensure we're clinically supervised, and always learning more.

We know that private therapy is also expensive, and in the current economic crisis, many people who badly need help cannot afford it. That's why as part of our Social Responsibility, many of our counsellors offer generous concession rates to those who are struggling financially. As we expand, we hope to be able to extend and improve this, so that in Southampton, nobody gets left behind.

We can be a part of the change, for our clients and for our City.

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